Icanclave Steam Sterilizer model: STE-18-D / STE-23-D

Model STE-18-D STE-23-D
Chamber Dimension ⌀247X350mm ⌀247X450mm
Exterior Dimensions W 480mm / H 455mm / D 600mm W 480mm / H 455mm / D 700mm
TYPE Class B
Power 2200W
Sterilization temperature 121 / 134°C


ใบรับแจ้งรายการละเอียด เลขที่ 65-2-2-2-0010686




  • Position the device on a plane surface with minimum capacity 60 Kg.
  • The sterilizer should be placed on a level worktable.
  • Leave at least 10cm between the device rear part and the wall. The clearance required to open the door is 40cm.



  • Ensure that voltage agrees with the supply voltage specified the supply on the type plate of the sterilizer.
  • Do not cover or block any openings on this appliance.
  • The sterilizer may not be operated in areas in which gas or any other explosive volatile substance is present.


Contraindication: These autoclaves cannot sterilize the material that cannot stand the high temperature steam.