Fully Automated Dry Biochemistry model: SD1


Sample volume: 100μl

Sample type: Anti-coagulation whole blood, serum, plasma

Bar code: QR code

Testing time: 12 minutes / sample

Temperature: 37℃±0.3℃

Resolution: 0.001Abs

Absorbance: 0-3.0Abs

QC&Calibration: IQC (Intelligent Quality Control

Work condition: Temperature:10-30℃ Humidity: 30%-70%

Testing principle: Absorption spectroscopy, transmission turbidimetry

Testing method: End point, kinetic, fixed time, turbidmetry etc

Light source: 12V/20W, Halogen tungsten lamp with life span over 2500 hours

Power supply: AC 100V-240V, 50-60Hz

Power: Output: 15 7.0a, 105W MAX

Display: Android 7.0 inch 800*480, multi-point capacitive touch screen, multilingual choice

Storage: 500,000 results

Printer: Built-in thermal printer

Interface: 4 USB ports, 1 LAN port

Dimension: 315*375*475mm. 4.2kg (N.W.), 7kg (G.W.)

ใบรับแจ้งรายการละเอียด เลขที่ 65-2-2-1-0004175



The analyzer should be protected from working in humid and corrosive atmospheres. If peculiar smell or smoke generated during the operation, please cut off electricity in time and notify the manufacturer or distributor for maintaining.
The operator should avoid contacting the inner electronic circuits in the analyzer and only the certificated person can repair the analyzer.
Operator should wear protective gloves,masks,and overalls.
User has obligation to provide an electromagnetic compatibility conformed working environment to ensure the analyzer working well.
The analyzer complies with requirements of equipment emission and immunity in GT/818268.
The analyzer is designed and tested according to class A equipment in GB4824.
Do not use this analyzer near any strong radiation sources such as unshielded RF sources, which may interfere with the normal operation of the analyzer.

Keep the working environment aeration;avoid strong electromagnetic interference, dust, sunshine and other strong direct light.
Make sure the analyzer is placed on the worktable stably.
Do not damage the electrical wire, hold plug tightly when pull the plug out and do not drag the wire.
Do not put container with water or smell metal object on top of the analyzer, to avoid water or metal object falling inside, which may result in short-circuit and damage of the analyzer.
The analyzer should use wire with three cores and make sure grounding well.
Do not place this analyzer in a position where is difficult to disconnect the switch
The production date of the analyzer is shown on the label at the back of analyzer.
The reagent discs in this manual are Polytech reagent discs which is consumable for SD1.

Contraindication: N/A