PC-ECG model: PE-1201

ECGMAC PC-ECG model: PE-1201 

Product Features:

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Simultaneous 12 leads ECG acquisition and display
  • Supports pacemaker detection
  • Multi- format reports export, such as PDF/ JPEG/ BMP/ SCP* / DICOM/ FDA-XML*/ EM-XML
  • Data access with HIS/ EMR/ PACS based on FTP/ DICOM protocol
  • Support LA, RA lead limb correction, effectively reduce secondary acquisition caused by misuse
  • Comprehensive filters to ensure no waveform distortion while eliminating interference
  • Automatic ECG measurements and interpretation
  • Compatible with Windows operating system
  • Patient information can be retrieved from the worklist*


ใบรับแจ้งรายการละเอียด เลขที่ 65-2-2-2-0011084




  • This instrument is suitable for the detection and recording of routine human ECG.
  • This system is not designed for intracardiac use or direct cardiac application.
  • This instrument is not intended for home use.
  • This instrument is not intended for treatment or monitoring.
  • This instrument is provided for the use of qualified physicians or personnel professionally trained.
  • The operator is supposed to be familiar with the contents of this User Manual before operation.



  • The instrument should be placed in a horizontal table to avoid excessive vibration and shock during movement.
  • Avoid liquid splash and excessive temperature. The temperature must be kept between +5'Cto + 40'C while working.
  • Do not use the equipment in dusty environment with poor ventilation or in the presence of corrosive, such as salt, sulphur and chemicals.
  • Be sure that there is no intense electromagnetic interference source around the equipment, such as radio transmitter or mobile phone, electrosurgical equipment, ultrasound equipment, radiological equipment and magnetic resonance imaging equipment etc.
  • Before using the instrument, it is necessary to check whether there is any damage to the instrument, patient cable and electrodes that may affect the safety of the patient. Replacement should be taken if there is any evident defectiveness or aging symptom which may impair the safety or performance.


Contraindication: N/A